sub rosa supper club
sub rosa supper club

Sub Rosa brings 30 interesting people together around a dinner table to enjoy course after course of incredible food and drink in a stunning and secret location.

So, how does this work?

First, you must fill out this form to receive invitations to our private events. Signing up does not obligate you to attend. You will be sent an event ticket link as dates are released and can make your decision at that time. You only need to sign up one time. $1 of your first event ticket purchase makes you an official member.

We won't give you many details up front, but you can take a look at our past events and get a better idea of what you might expect, keeping in mind that every event if unique and different. 

Our dinner parties are for 30 guests. We love that number--big enough to feel like a party, intimate enough to make new connections. Occasionally, a theme or space inspires a larger or smaller group. Either way, we think you'll enjoy our events and the people who attend!

The secret location will be released to guests the day before the event. We understand there are babysitters and Ubers to be arranged, so if you ask, we'll happily help you with your planning.

We can accommodate most dietary restrictions if you let us know in advance. If there is a menu that focuses heavily on certain foods, we will announce that in our advance publicity so you can make informed choices. 

Casually elegant attire is always appropriate unless we specify otherwise, but we find that when people can dress the way they want, they are more authentic. So do your thing!

Still have questions? Feel free to email us at or check out our FAQ page.

sub rosa
/suhb roh-zuh/

(adverb) in secret

Latin, literally: under the rose; from the rose that, in ancient times, was hung over the council table, as a token of secrecy.

Rose paintings on the ceilings of ancient Roman banquet rooms were a reminder that things said under the influence of wine (sub vino) should also remain sub rosa.