sub rosa supper club
sub rosa supper club

Have questions? You're probably not the first one to ask!

Q. Why do I have to sign up and request an invitation?

Signing up adds your name to a private list so that we can invite you to attend. Receiving a personal invitation turns it into a private event and allows us to entertain how and where we choose. Kind of like when you throw a party at your house. Plus it's fun and we LOVE reading your submissions! $1 of your first event ticket purchase makes you a full blown official member.

Q. Going in blind to a Sub Rosa dinner makes me nervous as a picky eater. Help!

We have lots of experience entertaining large groups of people where we have to think about both keeping the adventurous eaters happy and not scaring away people like you. Our menus are interesting and fun--but never scary! We always have printed menus at the event, so if you see something coming that you prefer to pass on or--like my own dad, ask to leave a certain element (octopus) off his plate!--we will always respect that! Please contact us with your concerns and we can steer you in the right direction if an event isn't for you.

Q. Ok, but what about food allergies?

Our cooking is very clean so it's not hard for us to accommodate food allergies. We have easily altered dishes for people with dairy, shellfish, corn, and gluten allergies as well as people who choose a vegetarian lifestyle. A simple sauce substitution or protein swap and they get to enjoy the meal just like everyone else. Every once in a while we will plan an event that isn't suitable for a certain demographic and we will publicize that in advance. For instance, our Feast of the Seven Fishes invitation noted that this dinner was not suitable for people with shellfish allergies. Just tell us in advance and we'll make sure you have a good time, too!

Q. Gah! That's a lot of money!

Yes, it makes for a big night out for many people but we promise you, it's worth it. Your event ticket gets you in the door where we basically create a pop-up restaurant for one night in a new space and that's no small feat. Plus you're getting 5 to 7 courses of complimentary food that rival any upscale restaurant, cocktails, endless wine, coffee, don't have to tip, and it's professionally photographed! Take a menu from your favorite place and add up what that looks like (plus tip) if you went there instead. You might find we're actually a bargain! We will from time to time look for ways to add lower price point events so that more people have the opportunity to join us (BYOB dinners, etc.).

Q. Why can I only buy two tickets at a time? I'd like to invite friends to come with me.

We want people to discover new spaces and foods, but more importantly new faces. Sitting around a dinner table with strangers can be a powerful means of community building. We think that's pretty important these days.


sub rosa
/suhb roh-zuh/

(adverb) in secret

Latin, literally: under the rose; from the rose that, in ancient times, was hung over the council table, as a token of secrecy.

Rose paintings on the ceilings of ancient Roman banquet rooms were a reminder that things said under the influence of wine (sub vino) should also remain sub rosa.