New Nordic

New Nordic

We are always looking for a way to do a festive holiday event without it being a traditional Christmas celebration. This year we decided to celebrate the winter solstice with a New Nordic 12-course tasting menu at The Sundial House, home of local architect and furniture designer Eugene Stoltzfus and his wife Jan Trettner. This modern passive solar space was the perfect setting for the minimalist cuisine, the starkness of winter, and a celebration of the sun.

The challenge for our team was to create a beautiful table out of natural elements, that reflected the theme and honored the design of the home and furnishings. We spent weeks researching and testing dishes--this was a new cuisine for us--and to find a way to pace 12 courses that were heavy on traditional Nordic preparations: root vegetables, seafood, pickled, smoked, preserved, fermented, cured, cultured, skyr and cream. 

We loved the newness and challenge of the evening and were thrilled with how it turned out! We asked our guests to wear socks to protect the beautiful floors which added a casual fun vibe. Once again, our guests commented on how fun it was to meet new people, discover a space they didn't know existed, and taste so many different flavors. Favorites included a traditional sour cream porridge with brown butter, strawberry vinegar and cured venison as well as a pickled herring salad! We hope you'll join us in 2018 for one of our events. 


Skyr Panna Cotta
kombucha granita + fennel blossom

Pickled Herring Salad
cucumber + tart apple + radish + red onion

Crispy Pork Skin
juniper cream + rosemary salt

rugbrøt + salmon + horseradish

meatball + lingonberry + preserved rhubarb

Roasted Beets
cauliflower + toasted barley + bulls blood

brown butter + venison + strawberry vinegar

butter + spruce syrup

Roasted Carrots
yogurt + buckwheat honey + savory granola

Cod + Burnt Leeks
fennel puree + gremolata + parsley sauce

Hay-Smoked Lamb
kale + black currants

Dessert Trio
kladdkaka + semlor + sea buckthorn macaron

Photography by Sarah Featherstone Photography.