inspired irish

inspired irish

This year, Sub Rosa donated three private dinners to charities that we care deeply about. This dinner for eight was auctioned off at last year's Harrisonburg Downtown Renaissance Night gala*--more on this in a minute--to a group of friends and co-workers from Kline May Realty and more specifically the Harrisonburg Homes Team and Valley Roots Team

We relished the opportunity to get our hands on a small, intimate space since we typically have to find larger venues to accommodate our groups of 24. Enter the home of Everett and Phyllis Ressler who have spent their lives doing humanitarian work all over the world. Their reinvented log cabin is an inspired space filled with collected art and furnishings, original sculpture (what a treat to see the artist's studio), instruments and books. Phyllis also has an MA in Food Anthropology and this house was purposely designed to both welcome guests and nourish their bodies and souls.

Our inspiration for the menu was St. Patrick's Day which fell on the day after the dinner. Typical plates filled with corned beef and cabbage didn't interest us as all, so we did a little digging into new iterations of Irish cuisine, regional ingredients, and a guidance from Irish chefs like Cathal Armstrong. Featuring six courses from the land and sea and ending with Irish Whiskey and cheeses, we felt as though our evening honored both the cuisine and the space as our guests lingered around the table for hours. 

*About the gala. This year, the Sub Rosa team has been contracted to design and run the gala. Renamed the Downtown Dinner Party, we're working with downtown restaurants and spaces to bring you an event to remember. Get your tickets and support the amazing organization that helps create the downtown we all know and love!



salmon tartare + potato crisps

buttered cockles + spring onions + peas

fennel + celery + apple

leg of lamb + purple garlic + herbs

custard + soda bread + farmhouse cheddar

cavolo nero + smoked paprika

baked lemon curd + pistachios + toasted coconut + bee pollen

irish cheese + chutney + crackers

small batch whiskey

Photography by Sarah Featherstone Photography.