sub rosa supper club
sub rosa supper club

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To be eligible to purchase a ticket, you must first request an invitation. Filling out this form does not obligate you to attend. We adore a table full of interesting dinner guests, so please tell us a little bit about yourself while you're here.

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Sub Rosa Secret Suppers

Our dinners put 24 interesting people around a table in a unique and stunningly-transformed location to enjoy multiple courses of incredible food and drink. Check out our past events to see what we do and then get your name on the list by requesting an invitation!


What does "Sub Rosa" mean?

Sub Rosa means "under the rose" and was an ancient symbol of secrecy, especially around a dinner table. To keep these dinners exciting,  they are secret and private events. You wont't know where you're going (until the day before) or who will be sharing the table. It's exciting and we like to think the name Sub Rosa exudes that.

When will I know where I'm going?

Final details will be released to the official guest list the day before the event. While secrecy is half the fun, we understand that there are babysitters and Ubers to be arranged. We'll happily help you plan in advance.

What about dietary restrictions?

We can almost always accommodate vegetarian and gluten-free requests. If there is a menu that focuses heavily on foods unsuitable for certain dietary restrictions, we will announce that in our publicity so you can make informed choices. With multiple courses, even if you have to skip one, you won't go hungry! Let us know ahead of time and we'll work with you.

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